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The T2 - Intelligent Wireless AI Camera enables user-defined object and event detection. Delivering data transfer to multiple control points via wireless mobile networks, the T2 camera enables increased situational awareness and response times. 


Offering rapid installation, smooth integration, and the ability to be redeployed across infrastructure, the T2 - Intelligent Wireless AI Camera facilitates versatility like no other.


Capable of transmitting data to multiple control points, including the cloud, command and control centers, and mobile devices such as tablets, the T2 camera cuts out all of the restrictions and limitations of cabled network cameras. 

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T2 - Intelligent Wireless AI Camera

Delivering targeted video surveillance across industries 

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4G and 5G

The utilisation of mobile networks for video data transfer includes multiple data access points, reduced power consumption, camera relocation, and cost savings.  Having worked directly with leading telecom providers, testing and optimisation across multiple networks have been implemented.


Video Analytics

Delivering AI-driven edge-based video analytics, each camera is customised to the user's requirement. Developed by computer vision experts, the T2 - Intelligent Wireless AI Camera has been designed to prevent alarm deluge.


Data Cataloging

Offering a fully functional VMS system, the T2 - Intelligent Wireless AI Camera offers flexible video monitoring and data cataloging options. Whether you seek to integrate into an existing VMS  system or require your own, TELXAI delivers complete solutions.

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Designed as a modular unit, the T2 camera can automate additional peripherals such as public announcement systems to trigger as alarms are detected. This capability enables the detection of risks and can prevent the escalation of risks by informing the individual that they are in a restricted zone. Having integrated the T2 with a variety of sensors, TELXAI's team of engineers works directly with end users to identify sensor fusion options and semi-automated response procedures.

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