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TELXAI - Video Analytics
reducing alarm deluge

Edge-based, TELXAI's video analytics are preconfigured based on the user's requirements. Whether it be detecting the illegal dumping of waste or individuals walking on rail tracks, TELXAI's cameras detect the risk.


Mitigating alarm deluge - through targeted analytics, TELXAI's cameras support its users without overwhelming them with alarms. Delivering more than detection, TELXAI's cameras generate metadata unique to each object, location, and time. This metadata facilitates the production of context-relevant messages that can be distributed independently of video and image streams.

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Harnessing AI, TELXAI's video analytics enables the autonomous detection of security and safety risks.


Trespass Detection

TELXAI's trespass configuration enables the automatic detection of individuals in prohibited zones. It is through the early detection of these individuals that safety and security risks are reduced.



A visual and potential health risk, the illegal dumping of waste is costly in clean-up and a public annoyance. By detecting individuals performing this criminal activity in real-time, authorities can more rapidly respond to the event and prosecute the perpetrators.


Antisocial Behaviour

Antisocial behavior is intimidating and can result in casualties. As such the early detection and intervention of this behavior is crucial. TELXAI's video analytics can be configured to autonomously detect this pattern of behavior.


Perimeter Protection

Securing perimeters is vital for critical infrastructure and high-level buildings. Detecting individuals before they reach critical zones is key in preventing the escalation of security and safety risks.



The development of crowds can result in security and safety risks. Therefore monitoring them as they form, is crucial to determine situational awareness. TELXAI's video analytics can be configured to detect crowds as they form. 



Vandalism can be a visual eyesore and offensive. TELXAI's video analytics can be configured to detect the presence of newly formed graffiti and more.


Specify Requirements

TELXAI's video analytics are delivered on a per-project basis. Our engineers work directly with our customers to determine the most effective configuration of analytics to detect and deter threats. 



TELXAI engineers configure each camera to meet predefined specifications. All cameras are then processed through quality control. 


Install & Integrate

TELXAI works in partnership with system integrators to install each camera. Each camera is then tested and integrated into the wider surveillance network.

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